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Kelly Brown sees the world differently than you and I. Her visual representations of work are mused by dance background. Since the age of 3 she learned how to express herself through dance, and now, she paints with movement, striking brush strokes that displays her vibrant softness, inspiration looming from French artist Odilon Redon. For the past 15 years, Brown has lived in France, delving in different mediums opening exhibits, dance instructing, rocking French Zumba, raising her two daughters, and being married to a Frenchman. Yeah, she’s basically living the extended cut sequel of Under The Tuscan Sun. Step aside, Diane Lane, she’s got this.

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Kelly Brown: "I am so thrilled to be a part of this fantastic roundup of local talent in Pittsburgh. Your Local Art IS...program is wonderfully enriching to Pittsburgh's art scene - like an entomologist looking at natures riches under a loop. Grateful and thrilled - THANK YOU Local-Pittsburgh and Jeff Rose"

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