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dance & art unite

Fascinated by the ephemeral and perpetual beauty in life.  

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, I started dancing at the age of 3.  My history with dance elicits an ability to permeate a mood, shape and feeling while I paint.  I sense form and texture of my subject matter in the same manner as if I was using my body to express an idea on stage.


I am a fully self taught artist since 2000 when I picked up my first paint brush.  I often say I am dancing with color, which was the name of my first exhibit in Bordeaux France.  I left Pittsburgh in 1986, for Boston then moved to Aix en Provence and Bordeaux France.  I recently returned to my beloved Pittsburgh after 15 years abroad.

My work is inspired by many artists especially Bordeaux born Odilon Redon. A French and American persona can be felt in my work.  I am married to a Frenchman and have two daughters both of whom were born in France.

Birds are a common theme throughout my work, especially the Chickadee.  The joyful Chickadee reminds us to take flight with our dreams, voice our impressions and seek fulfillment in connecting to our natural surroundings.

Welcome to my work, dance and art unite.

To see more of Kelly's artwork check out @KellybrownInk 

To learn more about Qigong and watch short videos -  @Inner_qigong

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