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Qigong is a moving meditation practice designed to cultivate Qi, also known as Prana to the Hindus, or here in the West, it is known as Energy. Qigong is to help teach people of any age about the energy running through and around the body. It is touted to increase vitality and longevity for its practitioners and is a very easy and gentle practice that can be done anywhere at any time. It is an extremely versatile practice to incorporate in your everyday life. It can be done while driving, it can be done in the park, while eating or before going to bed. Qigong is a method to use the natural forces of nature in your favor. It is a way of moving in life with a "go with the flow" attitude.



Kelly Brown, graduated with Honors from NorthEastern University, Boston Massachusetts in Intra and Interpersonal Communications. As the owner of Inner Spiritual Shop in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania USA) she supports her customers to find ways towards self healing. 

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She is a researcher of spiritual modalities that has her studying a myriad of topics from ancient history, Daoism, Sound Healing to Physics.  However, her first love was with movement. She has been a dancer from the age of three and has been studying and teaching many forms of dance to students in Pittsburgh as well as throughout the Southwest of France. She is also an artist, and her work can be found in her shop in Pittsburgh, PA, as well on social media platforms.  Her passion for movement can be seen throughout her artwork.  

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For the last several years, Kelly has been teaching Qigong.  Her knowledge of movement coupled with an innate desire to go deeper to uncover why certain motions or moves feel so good on the body, led her to study Qigong, the spiritual finger of Chinese Medicine.  


Kelly studies and teaches YOQI form of Qigong created by Marisa Cranfield as well as the teachings of Grand Master Mantak Chia and Walter Ness’s Sensing Energy applications. Her teachings also include tools such as the Qigong Stick and Ruler. Click here for a Qigong Stick Meditation.

For case study research on the benefits of Qigong, click on this link.

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